How to Install Flash player on Android Lollipop, KitKat and Jelly Bean


Flash player on Android Lollipop,

Again and again we get asked how to install and use Adobe Flash player with Android. Its prevalence on the internet is still huge and getting it to work on Android devices isn’t always that easy. But it can be, with a little help. Read below to find out how to get Adobe Flash player on Android.

How to install Flash Player on Android Lollipop

Use FlashFox

Using FlashFox has long-since been a favorite method for using Flash player on Android because of how effectively it renders Flash content from websites. However it’s not the perfect solution. It doesn’t always work: in our test on the Nexus 4 flash animations did not run smoothly 100% of the time. Adobe Flash is now at version 16, and as Android support stopped at version 11.1, not even FlashFox can help with content programmed with later versions. In most cases, FlashFox will suffice however.


Use Dolphin Browser

Unlike FlashFox, Flash is not automatically set up to work with Dolphin Browser by default. Go into the Dolphin settings by tapping on the Dolphin icon in the browser. In your settings tap Web Content, and then Flash player on the next page. Set it to “Always on”.

This is only the first step in setting up Flash player for Dolphin, the next step involves navigating to a browser which uses Flash player (or just wait until you find one naturally when browsing). The first time this happens you will be asked to install Flash player, tap download when prompted (you may need to enable “unknown sources” in your settings > security > unknown sources page).


Use Puffin Browser

Puffin Browser has two advantages over Dolphin Browser and FlashFox. Firstly, the Flash player version it supports is version 16. Secondly, it can emulate a mouse and arrow keys in an overlay like you’re browsing on desktop PC! For Puffin browser the Android Flash solution is an interesting one: Flash content is rendered in the cloud. This means that, while perfectly functional, Flash playback can tend to be choppy (as it’s usually transferring data from overseas). We recommend lowering the Flash quality in the browser settings if you experience this.