10 Most Hated Programming Languages!


programming languages

Every programmer or software developer has strong opinions about the programming languages. While every programmer has his own preference, one developer’s favourite language can be another’s worst. For endless reasons like odd syntax, too much (or too little) flexibility, poor debugging capabilities etc. developers have their own hated language. So here we bring to you a list of the 10 most hated programming languages together with the reasons on why they are avoided.

10. Python

What it is: A high level, all purpose programming language that prides itself on its readability. It’s often used as a scripting language, though it can also be compiled.

Biggest complaint: Indentation is used to specify block structures rather than brackets or braces. Also, heavy use of colons and underscores and module/variable name collision.

How To Get Rid: Don’t work at Google, Yahoo or NASA.

9. LabVIEW

What it is: The Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench is actually a development environment for G, a visual, dataflow programming language, used for measurement and control systems. Programmers use LabVIEW to connect functional nodes via “wires” to determine execution.

Biggest complaints: The GUI programming approach can make anything beyond the simplest of tasks extremely complex.

How To Get Rid: Stay away from jobs programming instrument control (particularly lab instrumentation) or industrial automation. Also, avoid helping your kids with LEGO MINDSTORMS projects.

8. JavaScript

What it is: An interpreted language, originally developed by Netscape, used primarily as a client-side scripting language on web pages. It’s also been implemented for server-side web scripting and as an embedded scripting language.

Biggest complaints: Case sensitivity, different implementations across browsers, lack of debugging capabilities (though Firebug solves that) and odd inheritance rules.

How To Get Rid: Don’t work as a web developer.

7. Tcl

What it is: Developed as an embedded command language, the Tool Control Language has evolved into a general purpose scripting language used for things such as web applications, network administration and test automation.

Biggest complaints: The syntax is almost too simple, it lacks pointers so there’s no way to pass by reference, arrays are stored as strings, it has poor list semantics and confusing variable scoping.

How To Get Rid: Don’t work for Cisco, AOL or CNET or anyplace using AOLserver or the OpenACS platform.


What it is: A language first specified in 1959, designed primarily to support business applications and government administrative functions, COmmon Business-Oriented Language legacy systems are still widely in use.

Biggest complaints: Extremely verbose syntax (it was intended to be readable by non-programmers), incompatibility between versions, and, prior to COBOL 2002, lack of support for object oriented-programming, functions and pointers.

How To Get Rid: Don’t work in government, financial services or for the military.

5. C++

What it is: An intermediate-level language created as an extension of C which supports, among other enhancements, object oriented programming. It remains one of the most popular languages, used in a wide variety of systems and applications.

Biggest complaints: Too big of a feature set, manual memory management, slow compilation speed and the fact that it allows programmers to switch between object oriented and procedural code in the same program.

How To Get Rid: Don’t work for Adobe, Google or the gaming industry, in general.

4. PHP

What it is: An interpreted language most often used for server-side scripting to generate HTML pages dynamically. It can also be used as a stand alone scripting language on many operating systems.

Biggest complaints: Inconsistent naming conventions for its many functions, security holes, no native support for Unicode, plus it often gets mixed in with presentation code (e.g., HTML, CSS).

How To Get Rid: If you do any web-based work it’s hard to avoid, but, for starters, don’t work for Facebook, and stay away from Wikimedia, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

3. Java

What it is: An object-oriented language originally created for interactive television and one of the most popular programming languages in use today. Java code gets compiled into bytecode, which is then interpreted by a platform-specific Java Virtual Machine, meaning Java programs are “Write Once, Run Anywhere.”

Biggest complaints: The syntax is too verbose, it’s slow, it’s not easy to pass functions, the API’s are over-engineered and lots of other languages can do what it does, but more efficiently.

How To Get Rid: Don’t develop any apps using the Android SDK.

2. Perl

What it is: A high level, interpreted, all-purpose language that’s been called a “Swiss Army chainsaw” and the “duct tape of the Internet.” Perl is used for everything from CGI scripting to system and network administration.

Biggest complaints: The main criticism against Perl, consistently, is that there too many ways to do things. So many, in fact, that it’s essentially a write-only language, meaning Perl code becomes impossible to read (and, ultimately, maintain).

How To Get Rid: Don’t become a programmer.

1. Visual Basic

What it is: A programming language and integrated development environment used primarily in the development of Windows applications with graphical user interface. Created by Microsoft and meant to be easy to use for beginners, applications are built using a combination of graphical, drag-and-drop techniques and writing code.

Biggest complaints: Its syntax is considered too verbose and strange, it requires dynamic link libraries to run, it has poor support for objected-oriented programming and the fact that it hasn’t been officially supported by Microsoft since 1998.


Microsoft to end Windows 7 Support in 2015




Microsoft is informing Windows 7 users that it will end support to it in 2015. The company will end free support for Windows 7 on January 13, 2015, but users will get security updates till 2020.


This move by Microsoft will affect consumers mostly. Businesses paid for extended Windows 7 support, will be supported for another 5 years, until January 14, 2020. That’s very important, because there are so many businesses are in the process of upgrading their Windows XP PCs, but they’ go for Windows 7, and not Windows 8.


There is some speculative news that, by taking popularity of Windows 7 in mind, Microsoft might change its desicion as the date nears and might continue to support longer, like it did for Windows XP. Microsoft supported XP for about 13 years. That kind of long support doesn’t seem like at this juncture. Windows 8 basically includes a complete version of Windows 7 which is called Desktop mode. With Windows 8.1, it’s possible to run a Windows 8 machine in Desktop mode and avoid the confusing Windows 8 part of the OS.


Microsoft really needs to attract consumers to buy Windows 8 machines. More Windows 8 machines means more developers will write software for Windows 8, which will make more people to buy it.


Microsoft also set an end of mainstream support for Windows 8 including the Windows 8.1, on January 9, 2018. There is also news that Microsoft’s next Windows version to be ready in 2015, code-named “Threshold” and sometimes also referred as Windows 9.

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iOS 8 Beta 3


ios 8 beta

iOS 8 made headlines when Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. announced the company is working to open platform more to programmers. The more open structure or orientation of the mobile OS will let third party developers to find out more of the OS and provide additional functions and apps. As per latest information, Apple is working on the iOS 8 Beta 3 release July 8, 2014. The release of the iOS 8 beta 3 version will let developers to be ready before the release of the iOS 8 this fall.

Apple’s iOS 8 Beta 2 was released last June 17. Based on the second iOS 8 beta, Apple has turned the podcast a native app for users. The iOS Beta 2 version also introduced the QuickType keyboard on the iPad providing word or typing assistance to the users. Apple’s iOS 8 will come this fall providing Siri-based smart home control and third-party keyboards.


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iWatch – Coming Soon



iWatch is a smart watch that Apple is reportedly launching in October 2014. It reportedly have biometrics and other features integrated with other iOS devices.

Rumored iWatch Specifications

  • Crystal Sapphire Display

  • Sizes ranging from 1.4” to 2.5″

  • iOS

  • Biometrics and many other sensors to monitor health and fitness

  • 4-6 days battery life

iWatch is reportedly coming in multiple screen sizes, sizes up to 2.5 inches diagonally and little bit rectangular in shape. With multiple sizes, iWatch may come up with different price. It will have Sapphire crystal display. It is reportedly have wireless charging capabilities, advanced map capability and NFC integration.

iWatch will perform some tasks by itself. It will be dependent on a compatible iOS device for features such as sending messages, voice call, and notifications. iWatch will measure many health-related things such as calories burned, step count, heart rate and more. iWatch reportedly will have more than ten different sensors to monitor fitness and health, offering broad picture of health and providing health-tracking device accessible to more hands. Apple has designed iOS 8 by keeping iWatch in mind. The iWatch will very much take benefit of the ‘Health’ app launched iOS 8.

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Top 5 Best Smart Watch of 2014 with Advance Features



Today almost every people using smart phone, but sometimes it’s become untimely to taking out phone out of pockets or purse. Sometimes you are missing some important calls & messages because you could not here. Now Smart watch helps to reduce this problem, you will get all notification on your wearable watch.
Here you will get list of top 5 smart watches available today, you can select any one for you.

Top 5 Smart Watch

1. Samsung Galaxy Gear :


Samsung Galaxy Gear is such a fantastic gadget. Almost everything is possible through this amazing device like Email notification, text message, app notification, photography etc. You have to connect Gear & smartphone via blue tooth with each other so you will get buzz if you left your phone anywhere. Its only working with Samsung devices.

Price: $299.

2. Cookoo

Cookoo watch

It is best smart watch for those people who like to wear designer accessories. This designer watch has so many great features; it is connected for both iOS & Android. After connect your watch with Smart phone you will get all notifications of incoming calls, text messages etc. It allows to access camera remotely.

Price: $132

3.  LG Lifeband Touch


LG has mixed the Smart watch and fitness band to gather. It is compatible with both Android & iOS devices. Through this Life Band you can send recorded fitness data in all G’s Fitness application. Battery life of this device is 5 days and has a splash proof design. It is not just developed for fitness purpose but you can use it regularly to get miss calls alert, text message alert & Email alert. You just have to connect your smart phone and Life band via Bluetooth.

Price $110

4.  Sony Smartwatch 2


It is compatible with Android version 4.0 and above. Most amazing feature of this gadget is , it is dust proof and it will last up to 30 minutes in water. It has a 1.6-inch LCD display and it will works for 3 days on single charge. It’s affordable for everyone.

Price $149

5.  Pebble Steel Smart Watch

Pebble Steel Smart Watch

It is working for both Android and iOS devices and has a conventional LCD display, its battery lasts for whole week. New design is available in stainless or Black Matte. It has a LED which indicates you about charging status. Get notifications of Email, incoming call, text messages like other smart watch.

Price : $249

Thus you will know about top 5 latest Smart Watch here in this blog. You can select anyone from listed above and get relieved from taking out phone frequently and it is more conventional when you driving, at office when you are busy in your work and no time to check your phone. Try this smart gadget and be smarter.