Why iPhone is Every Time Wins


Why iPhone is Every Time Wins

In its income report for last quarter, Apple said it anticipates that iPhone deals will back off this year. It’ll be the first run through in the iPhone’s history Apple has reported negative deals development.

Furthermore, in light of the fact that Apple is the iPhone organization, you’re going to see a great deal of tech savants retching fate and agony throughout the following couple of days now that Apple’s most essential, beneficial item is no more developing the way it used to.

Be that as it may, the iPhone is a long way from in a bad position.

Unless cell phones are abruptly supplanted overnight by some enchanted new innovation, the iPhone has a long, effective life in front of it. It’s not due to prevalent equipment. (A lot of other telephone producers have gadgets that can coordinate the iPhone’s specs.) It’s not as a result of predominant configuration.

It is a result of iOS designers India.

Cell phone development has slowed down to the point that it’s about unthinkable for one Android telephone to emerge from another. They all have the same applications and essential elements. There’s no real advantage to owning a Samsung telephone over a telephone from Motorola, LG, HTC, or any other person.

Yet, the iPhone is the main gadget with iOS, which has fled with the title of the most important cell phone stage.

iPhone app Developers India profit on iOS, which thusly urges them to make best applications and overhauls for the iPhone first. What’s more, when the iPhone has the best applications, it keeps clients bolted into its biological system when they’re prepared to move up to another gadget, which thusly keeps designers wedded to the stage. Etc.

It is not simply applications either. Some Apple administrations, particularly iMessage, keep clients fastened to iOS. iOS likewise serves as the establishment for other subordinate items like Apple TV and Apple Watch, something Apple’s administrators highlighted amid the income call Tuesday. What’s more, Apple keeps its iOS gadgets reliably redesigned for a considerable length of time with security fixes and new components. Numerous Android telephones quit getting new, noteworthy upgrades following a year or somewhere in the vicinity.

iOS is the genuine rock star. Not the iPhone itself. Awesome equipment is one thing, yet without an intense stage behind it, that equipment is trivial. (Take a gander at FitBit, Samsung, and GoPro’s late inconveniences in the event that you don’t trust me.)

Apple had a crazy 2015, discharging a few items and administrations with flawed plans and inquisitive use cases. Apple Music was loaded with bugs, it’s still tormented by a confounding interface. The iPad Pro can’t supplant your portable PC, in spite of Apple’s cases it can. The Apple Watch isn’t a crucial contraption for a great many people. The new Apple TV remote is an agony to utilize.

Be that as it may, the iPhone App Development was rock strong. After so long, it’s still the best cell phone you can purchase. It will presumably see a plunge in deals this year, and things might in any case be moderately rough until Apple revives the lineup with another iPhone in the fall, however there’s no indication of iOS losing its energy to Android.


How To Buy A Paid App In The Google Play Store


Some Google Play apps have a price tag, which means that they are sometimes better developed, but also void (or almost) of annoying ads that invade your smartphone or tablet’s screen. With Google, it’s really easy to buy apps, but the first time might be a little tricky for newbies to Android and the smartphone world. For those who need that extra help, here is our Android for Beginners tutorial on how to buy paid apps from the Google Play Store.


First of all, you need to have a Credit Card and add its information to your Google account. This service is called Google Wallet which you can easily configure, either when you set up your smartphone for the first time after receiving your device, or when you are buying an app. In both cases, setting it up is exactly the same.

Once you set up your device for the first time or your Google account, a new page calledEntertainment will appear. You can add your credit card info by choosing ‘Set up credit card’ and add your bank info just like you were paying for something online.


If you decided to skip the step at the beginning, this isn’t a problem. You can simply add the payment type of your choice in the Google Play Store when you click on the price after choosing a paid app. Tap on continue and enter your info. Your card is then registered for all your future purchases. You also have the options of using a PayPal account or redeeming a Google Play Gift Card. If you want to add the payment information at any given time, even if you aren’t buying an app, go into the side menu and select My account. Here you have the same payment options that you can save.




Once this step is done, you can now not only buy apps but also music, movies and books from Google Play without needing to add the information anew. After the purchase is complete, you will receive an email which confirms your transaction as well as your the payment details. If you are unsure about giving Google this kind of info, you can read more about Google Wallet privacy measures on their site.

Android 4.4.3 KitKat Update To Fix Nexus 5 Battery Issue, Rolls Out in Mid-April


 In the mid-April, it is expected that Google will launch Android 4.4.3 KitKat update that will fix different problems and bugs. The update will fix Nexus 5 battery problem according to some sources. 


As we all know that Google Android’s the latest version, KitKat was launched in November last year with Google’s Nexus 5 device.

When it comes to Android 4.4, it was supposed to work on cheaper smart-phones that have very less computing memory compare to top of the line handsets. Gradually, the details of Android 4.4.3 KitKat updates have been emerged for Google’s nexus devices.

According to some sources, it looks like Android 4.4.3 KitKat update will bring fixes to lots of the Android 4.4.2 problems that Nexus 10, Nexus 5 and Nexus 4 owners have been facing since the November last year.

Since initial launch of Android KitKat OS, there have been two updates, including Android 4.4.1 and the other Android 4.4.2. However, the previous update brought enhancement to camera feature, bug fixes and some other enhancements in Nexus 5. Moreover, the Nexus 5 was the first device to come with the KitKat OS.

According to some reports, one more Android update will soon to come. Android Police, a biggest and reputed tech website, claimed to receive changelog of the upcoming Android 4.4.3 update. Furthermore, the report also suggests that it will majorly focus on bug fixes.

It is expected that the upcoming update of Android KitKat will fix the battery drain problem in Nexus 5. Speaking about the battery problem of the Nexus 5, Google had accepted that it was due to the high CPU usage of ‘mm- qcamera-daemon’ process. The problem will be fixed since next update is on cards.

It is also expected that the Android 4.4.3 may also come with camera focus fix and frequent data connection drop-out fix aside from the battery issue. However, some other major fixes are related to email and exchange, multiple Bluetooth fixes, MMS, App shortcuts security fix, Wi-Fi auto-connect fix, random boot fix and more.

Usually, Google launched new Android updates while in working weeks instead of weekend. Furthermore, the update was rolled out in stages; therefore some of the users will get the latest update first. It is also possible that Nexus devices will be first devices to receive the new OS update. As per the HTC insider LlabTooFer, HTC One Google Play Edition will also be the first recipients of the new Android 4.4.3 KitKat.

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Top 5 Killer iPhone App Development Tips for Beginners


iphone-development-tips siliconinfo

At the current time  iphone app development has growing up as one of the most successful field to make a bright career. We can see the use of iPhone, ipads & other iOS device is increased every day and because of that demand of iOS developers automatically increased. If you really have a dream to become an iOS develop then you choose exact post to read. Here you will get some killer tips to start developing.

Learn the iphone app development tips

Tip #1 – Prepare documentation:
The first need of developing application is proper documentation. I mean to say first create documentation of application idea which you are going to implement. First know the purpose of application. For do all that first you have to do research on current and previous iOS application market.

Tip #2 – Learn C Programming Language & Xcode:
C programming is must be necessary to develop an iOS application. You must have to clear all the fundamentals of C language. Other thing will be required in iOS development is Xcode tool. Ensure that you have a complete knowledge about usage of Xcode because without it iphone app development isn’t possible.

Tip #3 – Design attractive UI:
Every user first see design of app. User friendly design is the attractive point of your app. Always design attractive and user friendly UI. If user will like design your app then surely they download you’re application.

Tip #4 – Test your application before upload:
Before upload the application first test your app properly. Ensure that do not leave any single bug in your app. Your first app should run properly without any interruption. It’s a good impression on users, they likes bug free application.

Tip #5 – Listen user’s requirement:
After upload the application read the users opinion. If there is need some changes or user need some advance features in same app then try to solve all problems. It’s very helpful to build a strong relationship with users. Always try to full fill users’ requirement.

Thus, you learn here the iphone app development tips start your carrier in this one of the most flourishing fields. All the tips described above will helps to start your developing. Get in touch with us atinfosilicon007@gmail.comto get further information about your app development requirement.

Watch the Apple Store Grow, From One to Hundreds



A simple animated GIF (pronounced with a hard “G”) that shows the establishment and growth of the Apple Store chain (Source: BusinessInsider). From first that opened on May 19, 2001 in Tyson’s Corners, VA to the 424 stores of today located in 16 countries, the Apple Store is all about superlatives.

— US of A: 254apple-store-clip
— United Kingdom: 37
— Canada: 29
— Australia: 21
— France: 16
— Italy: 14
— Germany: 13
— China: 10
— Spain: 10
— Japan: 7
— Switzerland: 3
— Hong Kong: 3
— Sweden: 3
— Netherlands: 2
— Brazil: 1
— Turkey: 1 (opens 4/5/14)

For example, in a single quarter more than 100 million Apple Store visitors, over 18,000 per store per week, spent just under $7 billion. The ever educational Horace Dediu notes that per visitor per quarter profit is about $12.

Or, reckoned another way, Apple Stores generate $6,050 per square foot annually. And, that’s roughly how many people think about Apple — it’s just about money.

While admiring Apple’s ability rake in the cash, I have very strong habit of giving the company as little as I canget away with…

Android Studio shortcuts


Here’s a table of my favorite Android Studio shortcuts (this is a more organized version of what I had posted earlier). The great thing about memorizing shortcuts is not that they are faster than clicking menus, it’s that they live in your muscle memory and free your brain to focus on your code. Memorizing them until they are second nature is a good time investment.

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