Google I / O


Google announced about Android OS, Google Fit, Android Auto and the Google wear in its annual I/O conference.

Android L : Android KitKat’s successor is identified as Android L. This OS update will unite Web and app user experiences by Material Design interface. Android Developers can use new Polymer toolkit to design Web apps. Android L will also offer notifications on the lock screen, user detection, low power consumption and battery monitoring that shows how much battery each app is eating. Google also confirmed that Android L will help app run double fast.

Android Auto : Android Phone will supply cloud connection while the car’s LCD and controls will provide the interface. You will get Navigation via Google Maps and voice-control music selection to stream Google Play Music in to the car stereo.

Google Fit : Google has been working on Google Fit for Android in competition with Apple’s HealthKit. Google Fit will manage all of your health data in phones and wearables, and it will let Google to blend data from multiple apps and devices.

Android Wear : Android smartwatch can integrate with your phone and it lets you to control your devices. Android Wear’s “OK Google” voice command let you check incoming calls, set reminders, view notifications, send auto responses, and let you control your phone’s music app from your smart watch. Android smart watch also offers third-party apps integration.

Thus, you learn here the Android App Developers  tips start your carrier in this one of the most flourishing fields. All the tips described above will helps to start your developing. Get in touch with us at to get further information about your app development requirement.


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