iOS 8 Beta 3

ios 8 beta

iOS 8 made headlines when Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc. announced the company is working to open platform more to programmers. The more open structure or orientation of the mobile OS will let third party developers to find out more of the OS and provide additional functions and apps. As per latest information, Apple is working on the iOS 8 Beta 3 release July 8, 2014. The release of the iOS 8 beta 3 version will let developers to be ready before the release of the iOS 8 this fall.

Apple’s iOS 8 Beta 2 was released last June 17. Based on the second iOS 8 beta, Apple has turned the podcast a native app for users. The iOS Beta 2 version also introduced the QuickType keyboard on the iPad providing word or typing assistance to the users. Apple’s iOS 8 will come this fall providing Siri-based smart home control and third-party keyboards.


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