iWatch – Coming Soon


iWatch is a smart watch that Apple is reportedly launching in October 2014. It reportedly have biometrics and other features integrated with other iOS devices.

Rumored iWatch Specifications

  • Crystal Sapphire Display

  • Sizes ranging from 1.4” to 2.5″

  • iOS

  • Biometrics and many other sensors to monitor health and fitness

  • 4-6 days battery life

iWatch is reportedly coming in multiple screen sizes, sizes up to 2.5 inches diagonally and little bit rectangular in shape. With multiple sizes, iWatch may come up with different price. It will have Sapphire crystal display. It is reportedly have wireless charging capabilities, advanced map capability and NFC integration.

iWatch will perform some tasks by itself. It will be dependent on a compatible iOS device for features such as sending messages, voice call, and notifications. iWatch will measure many health-related things such as calories burned, step count, heart rate and more. iWatch reportedly will have more than ten different sensors to monitor fitness and health, offering broad picture of health and providing health-tracking device accessible to more hands. Apple has designed iOS 8 by keeping iWatch in mind. The iWatch will very much take benefit of the ‘Health’ app launched iOS 8.

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