Apple brings iTunes on Android and Windows Phone by Beats Audio Acquisition



Apple has brought iTunes to Android to boost music sales. Apple bought beats by spending $3 billion. Apple has now announced its plan to continue Beats Music subscription apps alive for Android and Windows Mobile. It’s sharp change by Apple, as it discontinued apps on rival platforms after take over. By Beats, Apple found its presence felt on rival platforms and it can sell music subscriptions to Android and Windows Mobile users. Beats on Android and Windows Mobile will feel like Apple app made for other rival platforms.


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Apple also made iTunes available for Windows PCs. Apple will continue its Beats app for Windows 8. iTunes is not compatible with Microsoft’s “Metro” interface. DRM-free music bought via iTunes Store can be heard on Android and Windows Mobile Smartphones. Downloading directly from the iTunes Store is available only on iPhone and iPad. Apple’s iTunes Radio service can be streamed on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, Mac and Windows.


Android App Development Company India


Android of Apps

In September, the total number of Android and iOS app downloads in EU5 countries reached 790m, according to the Q4 Madreport from Madvertise. That’s an increase of 43 per cent since January, though not the highest figure of the year so far – downloads peaked at 809m in July.

Meanwhile, iOS’s share of the app market has slipped significantly – down from 53 per cent in January to under 30 per cent in September. That’s perhaps to be expected with the burgeoning sales of Android devices – monthly Android downloads doubled in all key demographics by September – but iPhone owners have traditionally been considered more engaged and more likely to download apps. Even more surprisingly, iOS app downloads actually dropped during the same period, by 20 per cent.

The effect is most pronounced in Spain, where Android made up 78 per cent of all apps downloaded in September. Even in France, where Android has the smallest lead, it still makes up 59 per cent of downloads.

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• Red gears: 20 teeth, 12 count
• Blue gears: 24 teeth, 20 count
• Yellow gears: 13 teeth, 60 count

Red gears aligned with icosahedron vertices • Blue gears aligned with dodecahedron vertices

Polyhedral basis for red & blue gears: buckyball

Regarding all 92 gears, the central rotation axes are aligned with the vertices of a frequency 3v, class-I geodesic tessellation of an icosahedron

How To Use Google Maps Offline On Android & iOS



Google Maps now has offline functionality built in, which means getting from A to B no longer requires a data connection

Google has issued a pretty significant update to its Google Maps application for iOS and Android. The new version of Google Maps, rolled out this week, is now available inside the App Store and Google Play, and brings with it a host of new features, including the ability to save maps for offline viewing.

There’s no turn-by-turn navigation on these “offline” maps, however, but the cached data has been tweaked by Google so as to not take up too much memory on your device. Google has also tweaked the overall design and finish, as well as made some of the built-in features – notably navigation – a lot easier to use.

Here we’ll show you how to save Maps offline.

Open Google Maps and view your Profile (it’s the head icon in the top right). Once you’ve done this you’ll be presented with this page:

google map1Search for the area you want to save offline. I just used the area around Dennis Publishing where I work.

google map3Hit Save and that Map will be stored for offline use. Also, if you’re going on holiday or just to a new place, you can search for that particular place and save it for offline use at a later date. Handy if you’re off on your holidays anytime soon. When you save a Map it’s stored inside your Google Maps profile. Just scroll down and look for your saved Maps. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see this:
google map4

દુનિયાનું સૌથી અનોખું ગામ, જ્યાં ઘરે-ઘરે જોવા મળે છે એક વિમાન

આ દુનિયામાં એક એવી અનોખી વસ્તી છે, જ્યાં લગભગ દરેકનાં ઘરમાં એક વિમાન છે. આ અમેરિકાનાં નૉર્થ-ઈસ્ટ ફ્લોરિડામાં આવેલું છે. તેને સ્પ્રૂસ ક્રીકનાં નામે ઓળખવામાં આવે છે અને તે ડેટૉના દરિયાકિનારેથી થોડેક માઇલનાં અંતરે આવેલું છે. તેને ઐર-પાર્ક અથવા તો ફ્લાઈ-ઈન-કમ્યુનિટીનાં નામે પણ ઓળખવામાં આવે છે.

સ્પ્રૂસ ક્રીકમાં 1,300 મકાનો આવેલા છે અને અહીં 700 વિમાનો છે. આ ગામની કૂલ આબાદી અંદાજે 5000 છે. અહીંનાં મોટા-ભાગનાં મકાનોમાં પ્રાઇવેટ પ્લેન ઊભાં રહેલા જોવા મળે છે. આ યૂનિક ગામમાં એક પ્રાઇવેટ ઐરફીલ્ડ આવેલું છે. અહીંનો એક ડ્રાઇવ-વે ડાયરેક્ટ રનવે સાથે જોડાય છે. રનવે 4000 ફૂટ લાંબો અને 150 ફૂટ પહોળો છે.

Top 5 Best Smart Watch of 2014 with Advance Features



Today almost every people using smart phone, but sometimes it’s become untimely to taking out phone out of pockets or purse. Sometimes you are missing some important calls & messages because you could not here. Now Smart watch helps to reduce this problem, you will get all notification on your wearable watch.
Here you will get list of top 5 smart watches available today, you can select any one for you.

Top 5 Smart Watch

1. Samsung Galaxy Gear :


Samsung Galaxy Gear is such a fantastic gadget. Almost everything is possible through this amazing device like Email notification, text message, app notification, photography etc. You have to connect Gear & smartphone via blue tooth with each other so you will get buzz if you left your phone anywhere. Its only working with Samsung devices.

Price: $299.

2. Cookoo

Cookoo watch

It is best smart watch for those people who like to wear designer accessories. This designer watch has so many great features; it is connected for both iOS & Android. After connect your watch with Smart phone you will get all notifications of incoming calls, text messages etc. It allows to access camera remotely.

Price: $132

3.  LG Lifeband Touch


LG has mixed the Smart watch and fitness band to gather. It is compatible with both Android & iOS devices. Through this Life Band you can send recorded fitness data in all G’s Fitness application. Battery life of this device is 5 days and has a splash proof design. It is not just developed for fitness purpose but you can use it regularly to get miss calls alert, text message alert & Email alert. You just have to connect your smart phone and Life band via Bluetooth.

Price $110

4.  Sony Smartwatch 2


It is compatible with Android version 4.0 and above. Most amazing feature of this gadget is , it is dust proof and it will last up to 30 minutes in water. It has a 1.6-inch LCD display and it will works for 3 days on single charge. It’s affordable for everyone.

Price $149

5.  Pebble Steel Smart Watch

Pebble Steel Smart Watch

It is working for both Android and iOS devices and has a conventional LCD display, its battery lasts for whole week. New design is available in stainless or Black Matte. It has a LED which indicates you about charging status. Get notifications of Email, incoming call, text messages like other smart watch.

Price : $249

Thus you will know about top 5 latest Smart Watch here in this blog. You can select anyone from listed above and get relieved from taking out phone frequently and it is more conventional when you driving, at office when you are busy in your work and no time to check your phone. Try this smart gadget and be smarter.

Secret launches its anonymous sharing app in the India, USA, Australia and UK



Secret is launching its anonymous sharing app today in the United Kingdom, India, Australia and New Zealand, marking its first expansion beyond the United States.

The iPhone app‘s notoriety has skyrocketed in recent months, as members of the technology industry post gossip – the truth of which is by no means guaranteed – about startups in Silicon Valley and beyond.

There are no names on Secret, making it difficult for anyone deduce who has posted the most recent rumors, or the chances of them being true. The mobile app, however, does tap into users’ address books to disclose whether they know the author, or if they’re a friend of a friend. In that respect, the app isn’t limited to the technology industry – anyone can use it – although the former is where the app appears to have been adopted most strongly.

To emphasize this, Secret says that last month over half of the app’s posts were uploaded from outside California, with New York, Texas and New Jersey showing significant growth. The company was also taken aback by the number of “localized secrets” on the service and is now using neighborhood data to contextualize posts that appear in users’ feeds.

Despite the recent uptake outside San Francisco, Secret needs to prove that it can attract a broader user base beyond the technology industry. Availability in four international markets is a good way to prove that potential, while also controlling the number of new users who can sign up in the weeks ahead.