Flickr flicks on video capture and more for Android, iOS apps


Photo-sharing site Flickr has redesigned its Android and iOS apps to make them cleaner and quicker.

Already available in Google Play and slated to reach Apple’s App Store later on Thursday, the new version of the mobile app starts off on the right note with a new home screen. You can now easily navigate and access all of the app’s core features from a simple sidebar.

Search is now faster. I ran the same searches on both the new and older versions, and the difference was noticeable. The app can search for photos based on location, time, and other autotags. The Share feature is also savvier, giving you options to share through more social networks, email providers, and even wireless technologies such as Bluetooth.

Flickr now reveals more details about a photo. Open a photo and tap on the Information icon. You’ll see the location where the photo was shot as well as the camera model used to take it, the aperture setting, the focal length, and other tidbits of interest to photo buffs.

Perhaps best of all, you can now capture and share HD video through the app. You can shoot up to 30 seconds at a time, apply the same filters available for photos, add a caption, and then upload your video to the Flickr site.


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