Google Glass: Existing for Everyone in Us for Limited Time


There is big news announced by Google that Google Glass will available to buy in US for everyone from today 14-April-2014. But everyone who lives outside the US can’t buy Google said sorry for that in a post. It’s a fantastic device and almost every one waiting for this and finally it’s available. Cost of this device is $1, 500; and available for limited time period but specific time still not announced.

Google said in their post.”Our Explorers are moms, bakers, surgeons, rockers, and each new Explorer has brought a new perspective that is making Glass better.

Glass looks like a simple pair of glasses, it has thumbnail-sized screen which attached above the right eye. User can do may thing with this device like check their emails, Twitter post , other social media activities, use GPS to get right direction. There is no need to having your mobile phone with you.

Google added bunch of advance features one of them is Glass switch on to Android latest version Kit Kat. Internet connection is by default with this eye wear., Developers can use SDK. It will allow people to give replies on photo at Google hangouts. To send feedback is become very easier and sorts your most used program at the top corner. One feature removed from Google Glass id video calling, but it is not bad news because it’s removed until make it better. Other features will include later on as per the recent report.

People who are not staying is US they also waiting for Google Glass but, Google still not announce officially to launch in other countries.

May Google announce other detail about glass in their next conference.


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