Watch the Apple Store Grow, From One to Hundreds


A simple animated GIF (pronounced with a hard “G”) that shows the establishment and growth of the Apple Store chain (Source: BusinessInsider). From first that opened on May 19, 2001 in Tyson’s Corners, VA to the 424 stores of today located in 16 countries, the Apple Store is all about superlatives.

— US of A: 254apple-store-clip
— United Kingdom: 37
— Canada: 29
— Australia: 21
— France: 16
— Italy: 14
— Germany: 13
— China: 10
— Spain: 10
— Japan: 7
— Switzerland: 3
— Hong Kong: 3
— Sweden: 3
— Netherlands: 2
— Brazil: 1
— Turkey: 1 (opens 4/5/14)

For example, in a single quarter more than 100 million Apple Store visitors, over 18,000 per store per week, spent just under $7 billion. The ever educational Horace Dediu notes that per visitor per quarter profit is about $12.

Or, reckoned another way, Apple Stores generate $6,050 per square foot annually. And, that’s roughly how many people think about Apple — it’s just about money.

While admiring Apple’s ability rake in the cash, I have very strong habit of giving the company as little as I canget away with…


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