PHP developers can build apps for iOS and Android easily

PHP developers will also become able to design and build mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. These are not rumors, a truth and also shocking news especially for PHP developers.

Chief executive of Zend technologies, Andi Gutmans introduced new version of zend studio named as Zend studio 10. It will allow php developers to build native mobile apps with all types of languages which they know at their best. Zend studio 10 contains great number of helpful features like WYSIWG drag-and-drop mobile interface builder, integration with the Apache project’s Cordova to get features related to camera, accelerometers, PhoneGap integration, etc. All these features help php developers to publish native mobile app packages on various app stores.

Objective C is required to build iPhone and iPad while Java is required to build android apps. This news comes with an invitation for php developers to enter in the world of mobile app development. They can cut their limitations off and think beyond php development.

Andi Gutmans said stated that this new capability allows php developers to build back-end as well as front-end interface at the same time, which is actually a hard part of coding.

He also added that modern applications are based on various backend systems like CRM, cloud services, social networking, etc. Wiring all such services together is really hard and time-consuming as well. With Zend studio 10, creating front-end with WYSIWYG interface builder and connecting it with backend is absolutely easy.

Gutmans stated that his vision is not only for mobile applications, but also for cloud services. New Zend server is built for cloud like Amazon, Rackspace, Windows Azure or others. In this new development, Apps access clouds give access to APIs, social services, or SAAS options like Salesforce.

Zend technologies give you a common workflow between client and cloud to build mobile apps; they are going to launch new architecture named cloud service architecture, said by Gutmans.

Mobile applications will cover maximum searches of users by 2015. Gutmans wants to help others to build composite apps means those apps that must be a combination of intelligence from internal business systems, external networks and personalizations for users.

New Zend studio allows you to connect with various cloud services and visual creation of mobile interfaces through which you can control all the components of development in one interface.

Gutman said,” We’re bringing mobile and cloud together”.



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